Business Hosting

Get started right away

Our business hosting solutions allow you to start operating in Indonesia immediately without setting up a local presence by using Permitindo as your company's authorized local representative. This structure gives you the freedom to begin sales and marketing, build a team, and transact locally without the burden and cost of setting up a wholly owned local entity in Indonesia and is the perfect solution for businesses that are interested in testing the viability of the Indonesian market. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more.

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hassle-free hiring

Permitindo can employ employees locally on our clients' behalf. Our clients are responsible for identifying, hiring, and compensating their employees, but all payments are disbursed through Permitindo. Permitindo ensures compliance with all statutory payments on behalf of our clients' employees (e.g. tax, pension fund, healthcare, etc.). Using this structure our clients can get started hiring a team right away. 

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Transact locally

As your local representative, Permitindo can issue invoices, collect revenue, and pay local vendors on your behalf. Permitindo ensures compliance with all local tax laws with regard to revenue collection or payments. 


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Dedicated DEsks for your employees

We provide our clients with dedicated desk space for their employees within our offices. Our clients' employees gain access to complimentary high-speed internet, an office telephone, and pantry. Dedicated phone lines are available for an additional fee, upon request.