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Indonesian Work Permit Laws

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The following information outlines the new procedure for acquiring an Indonesian work permit, along with what you should expect throughout this process. If you require further assistance on acquiring your Indonesian work permit, get in touch with us.

Basic Requirements for Acquiring a Work Permit in Indonesia

The work permit legislation specifies what candidates require to receive an Indonesian work permit. This includes:

  • Educational qualifications linked to the job you will do in Indonesia

  • Five years work experience, or a competence certificate related to the job

  • Evidence of life/health insurance to cover your time in Indonesia

Age Requirements for a Work Permit

While age restrictions are not explicitly stated, given that expatriates with only 5 or more years of work experience may apply, it is unlikely that individuals below the age of 24 will be able to receive a work permit. 

These rules differ for artists and overseas workers, who take up temporary or urgent roles. More specialized rules apply, based on your sector, for instance to work in the gas or oil industry, one must be between thirty and fifty-five years old. This rule is detailed in the 31/2013 Indonesian Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy legislation.

Note that the age restriction is not applicable for high level company positions, such as:

  • Commissioner

  • Representative Office Chief

  • Director

  • Roles demanding highly specific knowledge, vital to your institution/company

The Length of Work Permits

Work and Stay Permits are issued for either 6 months or 12 months in Indonesia depending on the applicant’s title and position in the sponsoring company.


The steps required to process a foreign work permit is as follows:

  1. Sponsoring company requests the release RPTKA (this is the document that grants the sponsoring company permission to hire a foreign employee for a specific role for a span of 6 to 12 months depending on the position) from the Ministry of Manpower

  2. Make payment to the Expertise and Skill Development Fund (Fee varies between US $600 and US $1,200 depending on whether a 6 month or 12 month permit is granted)

  3. Apply for Work Permit (IMTA) to the Ministry of Manpower

  4. Once IMTA is received, the Dept. of Immigration will approve the ITAS

  5. Now the applicant must leave the country and visit a foreign Indonesian consulate in order to receive a C312 visa which can be converted into an ITAS back in Indonesia

  6. Once the applicant re-enters Indonesia their C312 visa needs to be converted into an ITAS (Issued by Indonesian Immigration) within one month of their entry date into Indonesia

  7. The foreign employee will then need to register with the police and the civil registry.