Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to get a KITAS in Indonesia? 

Please see the following blog post that lists the documents you'll need in order to apply for an Indonesian KITAS. Please note that you MUST have a local company that will hire you and sponsor you for a work permit and KITAS, individuals cannot apply for a KITAS unless there is a sponsoring company. 

Can foreigners set up businesses in Indonesia? 

In general, yes foreigners are permitted to set up businesses in Indonesia, however there are certain businesses that are restricted to foreign ownership and others where foreign ownership stakes are limited by law. Please contact us for more information. 

I'm looking for a job in Indonesia, can you help me find one? 

Indonesia is an exciting place to work however we are unable to help you find a job here. If you are interested in a job in Indonesia we suggest you explore the following job search portals (links below): 

I'm looking for someone in Indonesia, can you help me find him or her? 

We're very sorry but we are unable to help you locate individuals in Indonesia. In the event of an emergency we suggest you reach out to local law enforcement or your country's Indonesian embassy.