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Obstacles Related to Doing Business in Indonesia

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Bold and rapid economic growth in the near future is forecast to feature more inclusive expansion, with nominal per capita GDP predicted to increase four fold over the next couple of years, according to a report from Standard Chartered PLC. Politically stable, economically strong and reform orientated Indonesia is a developing global player, and an Asian country that merits attention -- irrespective of the sector.

Nonetheless, in spite of its' impressive economic figures, Indonesia faces obstacles that stunt private sector prosperity. For companies wanting to cash in on its' high levels of growth and rosy economic future, obtaining local assistance can be well worthwhile. Setting up a Company 

The IFC (International Finance Corporation) and World Bank have given Indonesia a ranking of 166 for ease of conducting business. This underlines the stringent procedures involved in getting started. In comparison to the average of five procedures reported by the OECD, nine procedures are required to set up a corporation in Indonesia, with an average of forty-seven days to complete. Companies have to consult the Human Rights and Law Ministry, the Manpower Ministry and the State Treasury, and complete a number of registrations.

Obtaining Permits for Construction

Permits for construction take 158 days on average to obtain and involve thirteen procedures. The Department for Zoning has to be contacted and numerous certificates have to be obtained, prior to registering with the regional trade and industry office and the building and land tax office.

Acquiring Electricity

There's a huge expense linked to acquiring electricity, much bigger than the average reported by the OECD. The primary expense is in acquiring a JIL (Guaranteed Electrical Installation) certificate and an SLO (Operation Worthiness) certificate from the AKLI (Electrical Contractors Association in Indonesia), however final connection and external works can be an expensive endeavor too.

Property Registration

Twenty-two days and six procedures are required to register property. This involves getting a land examination certificate and paying acquisition tax. As before, the property registration cost is much bigger than the average reported by the OECD.

Obtaining Credit

The IFC and World Bank have given Indonesia a ranking of 129 for ease of obtaining credit, however there's plenty of measures being taken to restore its' credibility. Government studies discovered that giving creditors more legal rights, by enhancing the asset focused system of lending and advocating a system of property registration, improves the credit situation.

Safeguarding Investors

Safeguards for investors are fairly good in Indonesia, and they are ranked in the top fifty worldwide. The authorities continue to acknowledge and protect property rights of domestic and overseas investors, who have not been subject to expropriatory action recently. The investment legislation of 2007 promoted this policy by opening large economic sectors to overseas investment.

Paying Tax

Every year, a huge fifty-one tax payments are required, which takes companies an average of 259 hours to sort out. The twenty-five percent corporate income tax has a seventy-five hour processing time, and VAT and social security contributions account for an additional 184 hours.

Cross Border Trading

By and large, Indonesia is dependent on worldwide trade, so the cost of exporting and importing goods is fairly low. It is much less expensive to do cross border trade, compared to elsewhere in East Asia and the Pacific, however clearing containers for transportation can be a lengthy and bureaucratic process.

Insolvency Resolution and Contract Enforcement

Contract enforcement requires 498 days and costs a lot of money. Insolvency cases follow the same trend, where five and a half years is the average processing time, and the rate of recovery is a mere 14.2 cents per dollar. This compares to the norm of 70.6 cents reported by the OECD.

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