Work Permits

Companies operating in Indonesia may recruit expatriates subject to Indonesian Ministry of Manpower regulations which govern the total number of expatriate hires, the positions expatriates may fill within companies subject to their work experience and skill-set. The first step for a company seeking to hire an expatriate is to petition the Ministry of Manpower for the position and to request the release of an RPTKA, which is a document granting the company permission to hire an expatriate for a specific role for the span of 6 or 12 months depending on the position.

Once the RPTKA is released the company will have to submit a deposit in the amount of $1,200 or $600 (depending on the length of employment granted by the RPTKA) to the Expertise and Skill Development Fund, following this the company may apply for the Work Permit (IMTA). 

Upon receipt of the IMTA the company may then apply for a temporary work permit / visa for the expatriate and his or her family.  This temporary work permit / visa is what is commonly known as the KITAS. 

There are various forms of KITAS in addition to the working KITAS including the Dependent KITAS and the Retirement KITAS. The Dependent KITAS may be acquired by dependents of the primary KITAS holder but strictly prohibits the strictly prohibits the dependents from working. The Retirement KITAS may be acquired by foreigners above the age of 65 and allows them to live, but not work, in Indonesia.